Our proven formula extends well beyond grocery. For retailers of all kinds, Jacent implements impulse-item programs that inspire shoppers and boost sales.

Turnkey programs

Think of Jacent as an extension of your Buying, Merchandising, and Retail Departments. We’ll help you create an impulse merchandising plan, based on data from over 14,000 stores. Then we’ll ship your items direct-to-store, where our merchandisers provide the right fixtures and place each item for maximum sales.

A huge product mix

Our warehouses contain the biggest, highest-quality inventory of impulse products in North America. There are no minimum order requirements; we order and replenish items in “eaches,” based on an agreed-to inventory target. This proven, efficient system gives you—and your shoppers—more options.

Real merchandising solutions

See how our merchandising solutions can impact your sales.

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Expanding our scope

Our experience and end-to-end capabilities have allowed us to expand far beyond grocery. Model stores and tests are already underway in Home-Hardware, Convenience, Home Furnishing, and Club Stores, with more to come. That’s our goal: To inspire shopping experiences in every kind of store.

Home Hardware Stores

Home Furnishing Stores

Big Box Stores

Club Stores


Convenience Stores

Dollar Stores

Natural Stores

What we like best about Jacent, is that they have helped us increase our average basket without requiring any additional shelf-space. Their proprietary clip-strip fixtures, power panel assortments and DIECAST Collector Car display are giving our customers new reasons to shop at Pete’s ACE Hardware.
Linda Roark, Owner, Pete’s ACE Hardware