So, what’s it like working for Jacent? We asked some of our own merchandisers to tell us, in their own words.

“I have worked for this company for a year and half. I love that no matter when you start, you immediately feel a sense of belonging. You control your success. This company works with your schedule and has flexibility in the number of hours you commit to each week.”

—Angela Tracy

“I have been with ATA over 11 years! It is satisfying working for a company that offers flexible hours, a positive work environment, and recognizes their employees’ achievements.”

—Melanie Guy

“I’ve been working at LaMi for 22 years and I’ve enjoyed being a part of their growth from the beginning. I knew this was a company I could grow with because of the way ownership respects and rewards effort. When your employer makes you feel like a partner, you know you’re with the right company. I appreciate the ability to work flexible hours and process the business systems from my home computer. I’m looking forward to an exciting future together.”

—Vernon Robinson

“I really enjoy working at Jacent! Every day is a different store with a new challenge. I look at each order like a large puzzle, and all the pieces need to fit in the correct locations. I’m always looking forward to new challenges ahead, and the feeling of accomplishment of a job well done.”

—Melissa Wise