Blending commercial insights, data, and experience, Jacent helps retailers design and manage strategic merchandising programs for each store, to maximize sales.

Experience and systems

Our proprietary systems, processes, and techniques are based on over 30 years’ experience—and nationwide sales data across 14,000 stores. It’s how we help you capture your share of impulse item sales

Your stores, customized

Every store is different, even within a chain. Our expert consultants will map each of your stores to create a tailored action plan, with specific merchandise, displays, and price stickers based on item rankings, sizes, and classifications.

Huge variety

Everyday items, new trends, and seasonal tie-ins—they’re all part of Jacent’s inventory of impulse products.

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We’ll do the work

Our 2,000+ merchandisers—all Jacent employees—will free up your own employees by placing orders, merchandising items, and building displays. Plus, we ship orders direct to each store, so you don’t have to warehouse them.