With over 14,000 stores to serve–and our upcoming expansion into additional channels–we’re always looking for new impulse items and new suppliers.

Group Idea Engineering

It starts with new ideas

We value innovation and partnerships. If you’ve got a unique product and new ideas on how and where to sell it, let’s talk. It could be the beginning of a win-win relationship.

Group Idea Engineering

Much higher visibility

Jacent operates the largest impulse-item distribution network in the US and Canada. We can introduce your products into new chains and channels, and increase your regional and national visibility.

Being a Jacent supplier is a great way to gain exposure for your brand and products, and to boost volume. Their vast experience, coupled with an honest, loyal, and aggressive team, make this an ideal partnership.
Michael Tawil, Swissco
Full Service Supply Chain Manager

Full-service supply chain

Become a Jacent supplier and watch what happens. We’ll efficiently warehouse and ship your products directly to each selected store—then our team of 2,000+ merchandisers will stock and replenish them.