Jacent’s business model is flexible and provides the solutions that work best for you and your business – whether it is our vertically integrated business model, stand-alone merchandising services, or our wholesale and eCommerce offerings, our goal is to increase your sales and make running your business easier.

Vertically Integrated Business Model


Jacent offers an expansive and shopper -inspired SKU selection by creating and sourcing products internationally and in partnership with domestic vendors to complement retailer offers.


Jacent’s merchandising team keeps products in stock, collects in-store data and conducts audits. This service is part of the integrated model AND is offered as a separate service for retailers and companies.


Our packaging is designed with impulse in mind. We balance item clarity with descriptive brand names to ensure shoppers are clear on benefits & uses. Our clean & crisp aesthetic is distinct & recognizable.


Jacent’s Direct-to-Store Delivery capabilities decrease the space and time needed for retailers to manage complementary products in our vertically integrated model. Additionally, for retailers who prefer wholesale solutions, we can ship the product wholesale as well.


Our merchandising team can also serve as an extension of your team. With 1600+ (and growing!) field employees across NorthAmerica, Jacent can mobilize quickly to serve your needs. Jacent provides the talented personnel, and in partnership with you, the personalized training and tools to display your products efficiently and according to your standards. We also perform auditing services(complete with pictures and data), real-time reporting, and of course….the legendary service for which we’re known.


Jacent offers a product mix of proven top-sellers via wholesale compatible with the direct-to-store (DSD) model without the merchandising service if that is a better fit for your business. Products are available on pre-loaded clip strips, shippers or bulk-case pack – making it easy for you to place and drive incremental sales.


Consumers can find select Jacent products directly on Walmart.com and Amazon.com

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